Microbial Associations Katalog

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Mako helps you structure data from multiple networks to carry out better meta-analysis.

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Open-source Apache 2.0 Licensed. Find us on GitHub.

Powered by Neo4j

Use mako to rapidly populate Neo4j databases with microbiome data. Find out why graph databases are great for linked biological data.

Supports multi-omics research️

Flexible data schemas support the addition of any type of data. All you need is a single text file.

Use standard file formats

Compatible with a range of formats, including BIOM files and Qiime 2 Archives in addition to plain text files.

Cypher queries

Search your database with the Cypher query language, a pattern-based language that is a perfect match for biological data.

Integrate with Cytoscape

Convert Neo4j representations of microbial networks to Cytoscape with a single command.

Deploy databases via Docker

Explore how Docker can be used to rapidly test and set up local Neo4j databases.