Network analysis - node importance

In this tutorial, you will carry out an analysis of two different networks with manta and anuran. If you have not yet installed these tools, please follow the instructions on their homepages. Both software tools have a command line interface. This means that you do not need to know Python: all commands can be run on a Unix shell or Windows Command Prompt.

Step 1 - Data

If you have worked through previous tutorials, you may be familiar with the arctic soils network. You can find the paper with the data here. In this analysis, we will compare a FlashWeave network with the SPIEC-EASI network. You can find both files in the repository. Download them from these links: SPIEC-EASI and FlashWeave by right-clicking the page, selecting ‘Save page as…’ and saving them as .graphml files.

The networks are shown below: the SpiecEasi network on the left, and the FlashWeave network on the right.