This hands-on workshop is part of the Microbiome Data Analyses Workshop (Hasselt, 2021). In this workshop, we will introduce FlashWeave, a new method for network inference and we will walk you through the steps necessary to start analyzing your network with other software, including manta and anuran. Please find included links to installation instructions and all tutorials.

We recommend first going through the FlashWeave tutorial, so you have a network to work with. However, after that, feel free to choose an analysis method of your choice to start with; these can all be followed independently.

Installation instructions

Installing Python packages

You can choose to install Python packages from PyCharm, but you can also do so from the command line. Use the command below to download networkx, pandas and biom-format. When you install manta and anuran, all other dependencies should be installed automatically.

python3 -m pip install networkx



Some of these terms may be used interchangably throughout the workshop, but they are not exactly the same. Please find included the definitions as I use them below.

Overview of all tutorials